There are various treatments to improve the cellulite. Among them are: liposuction or liposculpture a less radical and approved by the FDA called endermologia also known by its French name: Endermologie.

These treatments have high prices but promised to improve the areas affected by cellulite and in some cases even make it disappear.

Massages are also having the same share of endermologuie. They are painful and leave bruising but produce results especially if they are made with special oils to combat cellulite.

Other treatments in spas are body wraps and body wraps. There are several types: seaweed, aromatherapy, mud, grass and so on. These treatments eliminate toxins and increase circulation to help the body fight fat Adipose of cellulite.

Endermologie is a French machine that massages the skin to eliminate toxins that cause cellulite.

Endermologie works to improve the appearance but does not make cellulite disappear forever Several treatments are required to notice the difference. The number of treatments depends on the amount of cellulite present. When they stop cellulite treatments re-appears.

Many people who have used endermologia are convinced they have helped, others say it was a waste of time and money. Endermologie treatments are expensive, partly because the machine is very expensive. The treatments help the lymphatic system work better which helps eliminate toxins.

If you have cellulite rule number one is still a healthy lifestyle. Experience with treatment and that does not disappear even if cellulite can be improved.

As science progresses more treatments are being developed to improve cellulite. Every day, new products enter the market and every day we are closer to a permanent solution.

Most women have cellulite, including many of the famous models. It is a common problem, but aesthetically unpleasant. Can actually be eliminated?

Sometimes it's called orange peel, curd and other names of the skin. No matter what name you want to remove the suffering. Beautiful several articles on the topic to explain and advice for the treatment of cellulite, have the answers to questions about cellulite we receive most often:

How do I get rid of cellulite?
According to most dermatologists not only removes cellulite control. Can be reduced with a healthy lifestyle and use of certain treatments.

Effective treatment against cellulite
Eat to eliminate cellulite
Dr. Howard Murad creator of a line of beauty that bears his name and he said: "I recommend eating foods rich in lecithin as cauliflower, tofu, spinach, tomatoes and oranges" According to him, 80% of the treatment to improve cellulite is through a healthy lifestyle and 20% through the products. Leer diet for cellulite.

Increases circulation
You can do this through massages, dry brush and spa treatments (treatments cabin). It is important due to poor circulation and weak tissues that contribute to cellulite being noticed more. When it comes to massage their effectiveness depends on the experience of the masseur.

Visits to the clinic dermatologist or beauty

In the U.S. one of the approved treatments for the treatment of cellulite is endermologia. This is a machine that could say is a deep massage to the affected areas. Requires several treatments and some people find it uncomfortable. Improves cellulite but not totally eliminated. This treatment works best for people who are not overweight. Read more about endermologia.

Most doctors do not believe that liposuction help fight cellulite.